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 Posted: Sat Sep 12th, 2009 10:31 pm
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Would I feel bad if my kid went to N.B. Forrest School? Is it a good school? If so, I couldn't care less what it's named. Would I feel bad about being in N.B. Forrest Park? Only for the fact that I could probably be doing something more constructive. Couldn't care less what it's called.

I think slavery was a horrible blot on our history. But the genocide of the American Indian was every bit as evil. Take a look at some of the "American Heroes" (including Presidents if I'm not mistaken) who had a grand old time participating in that little outrage. Do we re-name the schools and parks that they're named after?

BTW, I happen to admire the tactical genius of Forrest as an independent commander.

Good question though!

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