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 Posted: Mon Sep 14th, 2009 09:03 pm
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with respect, I believe you are allowing your 21st century values to influence your view of a 19th century event. Slave trading was unsavory, but not sickening in THAT ERA.
Kennedy was just "lucky with the ladies" in HIS ERA. If we judge them by OUR era, we come off with a skewed view.

Forrest was a man on his times and should be judged in the context of those times, and yes, they were way different than ours...
Ft Pillow,..... some say "where there's smoke, there's fire".. I'm inclined to believe "where there's smoke, someone has a smoke machine" I just don't see it that way. From all I have read, from everything I know, the "massacre" resulted from raw untrained troops, from Forrest NOT being present.., from yellow journalism and sensationalism... Nothing in Forrest's background or in his actions after the fact comes even close to that event. It is totally our of character witht the man as we know him...

What did Sherman say post war
" We are here to try Forrest..
We are here to convict Forrest...
And we are here to hang Forrest"....
Why didn't it happen???????

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