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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2009 04:52 pm
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45th Alabama Inf., Co. F

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Hi Mike,

Glad you are here and have a good interest of Chaplin Hills/Perryville. Being a newcomer to the Board, I'm still searching out fellow Western Theatre fans. :)

If you don't mind me asking---did you have relatives at Perryville, sir ?? :D  I'm wondering out of curiosity is all.

I'm Rebel to the bone and past for obvious reasons, mainly a strong ancestral affiliation, but I'm not into refighting the war, just studying certain battles. I love to familiarize myself with what  transpired on the battlefields that my ancestors' helped fight. It often seems the War Between the States occurred an eternity ago---but in reality it wasn't that long ago.  

I actually have several ancestors that were at Perryville: 3 in the 45th Ala. Inf. and 4 in the 33rd Alabama of Cleburnes Division: 3 surnamed Jernigan and I have a direct link to Colonel Samuel Adams of the 33rd Alabama. (I'm unsure if Col. Adams was regimental commander then or not ??)

It's good to hear the reenactment will focus on Peters Hill. This will see the reenactment on the same ground of my ancestors during 8 October, 1862.

I'm totally physically disabled, so if you would please take any photos of Historical Markers/buildings/lines of battle, etc. that involve the 45th Alabama Infantry I would be very grateful. They would be added to my family history album.



"Where this division defended, no odds broke its line; where it attacked, no numbers resisted its onslaught, save only once; and there is the grave of Cleburne." ~ Lt. Gen. William J. Hardee
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