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 Posted: Fri Nov 20th, 2009 02:28 am
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HankC wrote: Not sure where you read he 'refuses to submit to the Supreme Court'.
Rather he is saying that since the Court must be obeyed, the Republicans must work to get their kind on the bench...

Where does he say that? He certainly doesn't abide by his prior word that "we will submit to its decisions, and there will be an end the matter."

Likewise, he said nothing about any "loophole" of gaining hegemony to stack the bench with puppet-activists-- and so he was completely dishonest, as he always was.

Likewise, the INSTANT Lincoln became president, he unilaterally overturned 58 years of Supreme Court precedent regarding judicial review of federal law under Marbury v Madison, and claims federal law entirely they privy of the Congress and president, regarding both policy and habeas corpus;  and with Congress conveniently absent, he essentially assumes the reins of supreme reign-- which is more than enough to wag the dog into full-scale war when Congress rejoins.

Lincoln also deliberately refused to call Congress into Emergency-Session after the first secession, despite having more than 70 days to do so before his inauguration; this proves that he PLOTTED to usurp dictatorial power.

Finally, the Republicans deliberately refused to respect Dred Scot in both the territories and the states, regardless of what the Supreme Court said-- or Lincoln promised-- thus making him the disunionist by his own definition.

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