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 Posted: Fri Nov 20th, 2009 04:52 pm
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HankC wrote: In what way did 'Republicans refuse to respect Dred Scot'?
You seem to confuse the words 'respect' and 'like'.
A person can disklike a law without breaking it...

But they can't contructively VIOLATE the law without breaking it, either directly or through act of omission.

They passed laws aganst slavery in the territories, blocked the admission of new states which wanted to be slave-states; and they refused to do anything about states that wouldn't allow slaves to pass through them,  or  gave sanctuary to slaves that escaped into them. That's ALL direct or constructive violation.

The Republican party's purpose behind this, was solely to pander to abolition-groups in order to gain congressional hegemony, with which to impose illegal taxes on the southern states.

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