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 Posted: Sat Nov 21st, 2009 09:58 pm
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ThomasWashington wrote:  How does one 'constructively violate' a law? Legally, one is either in violation or not.

And construction is one way to violate it, through acts which effectively violate the law through indirect means.

This rubbish means nothing. 

How does one violate a law through an act of omission?

By deliberately refraining from a duty that the law requires.
What 'duty' did Dred Scott require? Other than to obey it?
How does this tie in to your phrase 'refuse to respect Dred Scott'?

People obey laws, governments respect them. The Republicans refused to respect the law, but instead passed laws which violated it, and refused to pass or enforce laws which effected it.

Again, Dred Scott *was* the law. There is no need for more laws to enforce an existing law. What are examples where Republicans 'passed laws which violated it'?



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