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 Posted: Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 09:56 pm
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barrydancer wrote: "And anyway I'm not quibbling over whether state sovereignty was a "good idea" or not-- I'm stating the fact that each state was, and is, a sovereign nation under the Constitution.  When you have facts that prove otherwise,  then you can counter; but I'm really not interested in your opinion regarding whether or not you personally approve of each state being sovereign."

Given that all you've done so far on CWI is to present your own opinions and interpretations of Lincoln and international law as incontrovertible fact, talked down to anyone who questions you or suggests you check out a different source, refused to provide examples to back up any of your claims when repeatedly asked by people (Such as Hank and Ole), and certified that any information contrary to what you claim is "state propaganda," I can't see how this or any other thread you are involved in is going to go anywhere but to Hell in a really fast hand-basket.

I'm here to discuss the American Civil War, not listen to the gospel according to ThomasWashington.  There's nothing to be gained from attempting to engage zealots in debate.


"Talking down?" You reap what you sow.
You're the one name-calling-- along with Ole's insults, which put him on the "ignore" list. Likewise, Hank hasn't asked any relevant material questions, just evasive ones-- which I did answer with conclusive material evidence, though not to his fancy.

If you have any relevant questions, I haven't seen them. I'm here to discuss the actual issues behind the war-- not answer idle questions about moot and irrelevant details regarding them--- when the issues themselves were recognized and admitted by all sides concerned. My burden is only to prove, not covince.

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