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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2006 02:01 am
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Lee's forgotten general

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I would suggest Bradley Gottfried's book "Brigades of Gettysburg." It contains descriptions of the role played by each brigade and contains a nice set of maps in the front of the book. Its a great Gettysburg reference book. For the deployment of Heth's Division on July 1, you definitely want to read Pfanz and look at his maps. You might also want to check out Martin's book too. As for July 3, I would recommend looking at Wert's book to get a general idea of the alignment of the Division (it was commanded by Pettigrew that day). If you really want to get specific on how regiments and brigades were aligned, you can also of course go back to the official reports of the commanders, too (at least where such reports were written and available). 

As mentioned by prior posters, the Order of Battle had nothing to do with how a division actually would deploy for battle. As a general rule, Confederate brigades were known by the name of their general. In the old Light Division, brigades were known by number instead (much like in the Army of the Potomac), i.e. First Brigade, Second Brigade, etc. Heth's Division, which was made up of two of the old Light Division's brigades continued this tradition. For example, Pettigrew's Brigade was known as the First Brigade; Archer's Brigade was the Third Brigade.

Although the brigades were numbered such, they would usually alternate who had the lead on a particular day. One day, Archer might be lead brigade, the next day perhaps Davis would be the head brigade, the day after Brockenbrough might have been first. It let the units take turns at having to carry out various duties. Obviously, this order on the march would determine where the brigades deployed in battle. I do not believe any attention was paid to which brigade was actually numbered the First, Second, etc. However, this may have mattered at say an official review. (It is said the Army of the Potomac's Iron Brigade was really proud of the fact that had the entire AOP been drawn up into line for a review, it would have been the first unit reviewed -- as the First Brigade of the First Division of the First Corps!)

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