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 Posted: Tue Apr 13th, 2010 02:40 am
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Have given the opinion piece much thought, I feel  that the majority of the combatants of the Confederacy were no more terrorists than the colonists who fought in the American Revolution.

Were there incidents in the Civil War that resemble modern day terrorism? Yes, indeed. Maybe most wars experience examples of the same, even from both sides of the conflicts.

One way I define a terrorist as different from a traditional combatant is that terrorists normally are not in uniform and do not act as members of a recognized and organized military structure.   Too, they often operate outside of formally declared wars.

Take the 9/11 terrorists. Dressed as civilians, they struck the US when our guard was down because we did not believe we were in a traditional "fighting war" with Al Qaeda. Furthermore, Al Qaeda is not a recognized government, operating, as it does, across national borders.

Another reason I wouldn't call Confedrates terrorists, at least at the start of the war, is that Southerners adhered to the concept of a gentlemen's war fought in the style of Napoleon and European wars. Trickery was not honorable or I say, at first. As the realities of a hard fought war set in, certain individuals and groups on both sides, began to step outside boundaries of eighteenth century notions of accepted conduct. 




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