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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 03:57 pm
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  You might remember after Sputnik was launched, some folks were saying that it proved that: "Their Germans" were smarter than: "Our Germans."

  This was not the case, as: "Our" Germans who were working for the military could have launched a satellite before 1957, if they had not been forbidden to pursue that project.

Sputnik Plus 50

  Launching Sputnik was a huge propaganda coup for the Soviets, and of course they trumpeted it as proof of the : "Superiority" of their system. In a sense, their system was superior, as their progress wasn't hampered by governmental turf wars and bureaucratic wrangling. In the end, however, the sight of a light going across the sky simply making a beeping sound was enough to give a kick in the pants to the US government, and our progress was eventually able to surpass that of the Soviets.

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