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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 05:31 pm
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I agree with your take on Sickles move. People forget that Chancellorsville was only two months previous. The Union giving up the high ground in it's front and being out flanked on it's left were fresh in Sickles mind. By noon on July 2nd the Budford's cavalry protecting the Union left was removed and not replaced which weighted heavy on Sickles mind.

Meade had not inspected the Union left during day light hours even though Sickles pleaded with Meade help. Hunt didn't report back to Meade in a timely manner as to the plight on the Union left.

I personally think Longstreet's Corp would have sweep Cemetery Hill had Sickles Corp not taken the wind out of the sails with his move to the Emmitsburg Road.

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