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 Posted: Thu May 6th, 2010 05:14 pm
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some random thoughts:

1) US-Japanese relations, at least at a high level, were very good after 1905 when Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Prize for brokering the end of the Russo-Japanese war in terms quite favorable to Japan. I'd like to find a book that explains the downward spiral from 1905 to 1941...

2) germans were definitely much like Americans. Many germans spoke english and many amercans were 2nd generation germans.

3) the japanese fought war in a far different way from us. They fought and then counted the bodies when over - no matter how they died. The US was incensed when a handful of captured fliers were interrogated, weighted down and tossed overboard at Midway, but carpet bombing cities was an acceptable policy. The Japanese saw it as: 5 bodies for us, 100,000 for you...



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