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 Posted: Fri May 7th, 2010 04:52 pm
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ole wrote: There's always another side to the story.No one wants to sully the sacred ground. But there's a big but. Jobs.

Got no dog in this fight, so I ought to keep my mouth shut other than to wonder if jobs outweigh reverence.


Ole and I are in agreement on this issue. This is a local issue and should be solved locally.  There is much truth in what the resident of G'burg describes. The town has become overwhelmed with tasteless T shirt shops and kids toy shops, but guess what, those shops also provide jobs.


the residents have to live there year round and they need jobs. The casino will be built over non significant ground far from the battlefield. This is not like Wal-mart accross the road from the wilderness... that IS significant ground..

My main thought is that casinos don't necessarily bring prosperity to the residents of the town where they are located. They bring prosperity to the corporations that run them and that prosperity generally leaves the state daily (dollars) never to return.

When I go to Tunica to give my money to the Gambling Gods, I can't help but notice that virtually none of the better paid positions (dealers, and other postiitons dealing with the public) are folks from Tunica or even from Northern Mississippi.. lots of bus persons and maids are, but not dealers, waites, pit bosses, cocktail waitresses, etc..

IIRC Tunica county still ranks almost dead last in a ranking of mean family income for US counties

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