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This presentation is from the book 'Imboden's Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign" by author Steve French.

Brigadier General J. D. IMBODEN,

Commanding Northwestern Brigade, via Staunton:

GENERAL: In view of operations in the Shenandoah Valley, I desire you to attract the enemy`s attention in Hampshire County, and to proceed down to Romney, or such other point as you may consider best calculated for the purpose. After leaving a sufficient guard on the Shenandoah Mountain, you can use the rest of your command for the purpose specified. In attracting their attention and detaining whatever force they may have at New Creek, Cumberland, Cacapon, &c., you will, of course, do them all the injury in your power by striking them a damaging blow at any point where opportunity offers, and where you deem most practicable. It will be important if you can accomplish it, to destroy some of the bridges, so as to prevent communication and the transfer of re-enforcements to Martinsburg. After accomplishing what you can in Hampshire, should you find it practicable or advantageous, you can co-operate with any troops that you may find operating in the Valley. Forward to the commanding officer of the force there any information that you may deem important, and comply with any requisition on his part.
I desire you to move into Hampshire as soon as possible. Let me know the time of your departure and the time of your expected arrival. In connection with this purpose, it is important that you should obtain, for the use of the army, all the cattle that you can. Communicate with the agents of the Commissary Department you may find purchasing in the country west of Staunton, and let them make arrangements to assist you in purchasing and taking care of the cattle. Major [B. P.] Noland, of that department, is now in that region, making arrangements for cattle. I wish you to communicate with him, if practicable. I hope you will also be able, while in that country, to collect recruits for your brigade, both cavalry and infantry, and bring them out with you.
I am, very respectfully, &c.,
R. E. LEE,

Imboden reorginized his army at a place Called Jennings gap which is West of Staunton, Virginia.

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