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 Posted: Mon Jun 14th, 2010 04:31 pm
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HankC wrote:
Unluckily that has always been the southern conservative position and one that Lee accepted: that blacks are not *now* ready for full civil rights but will be in the *future*.

Personally I think it's a little uglier than that, if you believe they are biologically inferior beings why would you change their status in the future? Here is an article on eugenics in Virginia in the early 20th century;jsessionid=MWGYKW2GyJ1dNX0jrBwTCZ7MTHCslgcqcln1PCJlG2dwTKNQSGy2!-1371090394!33515697?docId=5001897773

And this one deals with the issue too

I'm not saying Lee necessarily accepted this, the interview also mentions him wanting partial emancipation at the onset of the war in order to get black soldiers. But at least I don't buy the image of him in some quarters based on this that he was some half-hearted defender of the southern system. (It was also he who dealt with John Brown.) Washington I can grant it for, but Lee is not Washington.

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