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 Posted: Mon Jun 14th, 2010 10:03 pm
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  You seem to have a problem with Colonel's Lee's desire to accomplish the mission that he was given. He had already postponed his attack because he feared for the safety of the hostages. An attack at night is difficult to control, especially with troops you aren't familiar with.

  Lee's desire at that point was to retake the arsenal, freeing the hostages if possible, and killing or capturing Brown's men. Still, he allowed J.E.B. Stuart (NOT: "Stewart") to approach Brown and once again demand surrender. When this was refused, Stuart gave the pre-arranged signal for the attack to begin.

  For Robert E. Lee to say that John Brown was a: "Man of some notoriety" was a great understatement. By that time, Brown was already notorious for committing atrocities in Kansas a few years before. The most well known was the Pottawatomie Creek incident, in which several pro-slavery men were dragged from their homes in the middle of the night by Brown, some of his sons, and some others. The victims were then hacked to death with swords. If I had been present at that point in history, I certainly would have considered Brown to be a : "Madman," and what we today call a: "Terrorist."

John Brown Biography Page


John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid


  Your text gives a link, but does not make it clear to the casual observer that it was not LT Stuart who struck down John Brown, but LT Green of the Marines. In my view, LT Green acted properly in that incident when he tried to take out Brown who reportedly was clutching a carbine. One of Green's Marines had just been mortally wounded, possibly by Brown himself. At that point, I would have tried to kill Brown just as Green did.

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