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 Posted: Wed Jun 16th, 2010 07:56 am
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  I would maintain that while there is absolute truth in history, it is our ability to see and understand it that can seldom, if ever, be absolute. When it comes to historians, perhaps it is an absolute truth that they will always find something to bicker about when it comes to historical events and personages.

  Using your example of the true picture being seen in the form of pieces of a puzzle, I would say that in many cases, as time passes,  more pieces are eventually found. These additional pieces might give us a clearer view of a person or an event, and might change our perspective to some degree. (And perhaps lead to new arguments).

  Carrying this theory forward, I would maintain that in viewing the: "Puzzle" of Robert E. Lee, that Elizabeth Brown Pryor could see a lot more pieces in 2007 than Thomas Connelly could in 1978. But I don't expect that to end the arguments.

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