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 Posted: Thu Jun 24th, 2010 09:03 pm
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My favorite type of CW reading is first hand personal accounts, diaries, letters, books that were written by people after the war who lived it, but even in those books, you rarely hear good descriptions of battle, all too often they pass over the actual battle.
I know there's reasons for that, but I would also like to read more about actually being in the midst of the fray.

Well, I I read this book, "The Union Soldier in Battle" by Hess, so far it has been the best at describing what it was actually like in the midst of the fray and what soldiers were thinking and feeling before and after. I didn't say during because often they were going on adrenaline, no time for thinking, which may be why so many couldn't write about it, but I knew some had to written some things.

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