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 Posted: Fri Jul 2nd, 2010 06:19 am
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I don't want to upset people but Oliver Howard was the worst commander in the Union Army. Union High Command had little, if any faith in him, following the fiasco in Chancellorsville in Gettysburg a few of his brigades held Cemetary Hill with the remainders of the 1st Corps and Bufords Cavalry. If the Union Army had faith in Howard why were Winfield Scott Hancock, Henry Hunt, George Sykes, and Gouverneur K. Warren rushed to Gettysburg.  Meade was afraid Howard was going to run like a sculded dog with Reynolds Dead, Doubleday was a Junior officer and Howard was the Sr. Commander in the field. Meade needed someone who he knew wouldn't run and Hancock was the man. (Pvt Clewell you are 100% Correct) As for Howards less then Finest Hours Gettysburg would be number 2. Chancellorsville was his biggest error. More of what happend on Cemetary Hill was because Hancock was there not because Howard was.

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