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 Posted: Sat Jul 3rd, 2010 03:09 am
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I am not refering to the corps. I am refering to the individual men Hancock,(I actually mean Butterfield not Sykes), Hunt, and Warren were sent to Gettysburg for varying reasons Hancock to command the defenses, all the others were headquarters men and Artillery Reserve Commander as for Howard it was by his pure luck that the Battle was a northern Victory on Days 2 and 3 by him placing his reserve on Cemetary Hill, Culps Hill, and Cemetary Ridge, but it was his fault that the battle was nearly a defeat because of day 1. this one in particular indicates that Hancock commanded the Defenses of Gettysburg in truth it was Actually Francis Barlow who made errors in this Battle and resulted in the Confederates controlling the town of Gettysburg Howard simply tried to save face and make Doubleday look bad.

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