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you need to look at the reasoning for the Invasion of Maryland. First The Confederate Government was looking for European Reconition had Lee or Bragg won a Major Battle North of the Potomac or North of the Tennessee State Line Jeff Davis hoped that France and England would officially reconize them as a legitimate country much like the Battle of Saratoga had done in 1778. Second was that Western Maryland Supported the Confederacy the intentions were to see if it was possible to sustain a major army in the Area long enough to cut Supply line to and from Washington and the Midwest. Third is the Larger Stragety which Includes Bragg's invasion of Kentucky, Sterling Price and Earl Van Dorn at Corinth, and Lee's Invasion of Maryland the hope was that Maryland and Kentucky would secceed from the Union. Maryland is where Washington is and had the state secceeded around the Nations Capital it would have been horrible for the Lincoln Administration and possibly force the Governers of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinoise, and New York to beg for peace (these states provided the Army with most of its troops.)

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