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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 03:32 pm
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Mark, I am also somewhat analytical in my approach to certain more defined subjects such as a specific battle or a regiment involved. But in the context of a general overview concerning a widely known subject such as the ACW, I'm a little less concerned about the minutia and more concerned with an author's ability to keep the reader's interest. After all these books (both authors overviews) are more suited to those who might otherwise never read a historical work. And honestly Mr. Cattons "American Heratige Pictoral History of the American Civil War" was an excellent introduction to the subject for a 7 yr old Captain Crow, but it was really based more on those cool battle maps with little soldiers on them than the text LOL! As an adult I was, like many Americans, captivated by Mr. Foote's wonderful story telling skills evidenced in Ken Burn's documentary. He stoked the fires of my burning curiosity with his obvious passion for the subject. I owe both authors a debt of gratitude for all the happy hours I've been allowed to enjoy over the years while attempting to asuage the historical hunger that they had a large hand in creating.

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