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 Posted: Fri Jul 23rd, 2010 10:34 am
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In the case of Reenactors most units are comprised of a Cross section of America you'll have guys 16 - 20 next to someone 65 - 70 the movement become a V like a Flock of Geese as opposed to the Linear lines particularly at Runs.  The best example is in the Movie Gettysburg the lines stayed pretty straight considering the numbers the problem is during Picketts charge in 1863 the Confederates Paused in a Depression to redress the lines so even a solider in 1863 was not perfect (Gettysburg is the end of the Linear movement) For Reenactors we do pretty well considering these factors but once you start Double Quick and Charge that continuity is lost.  One thing I hate is when you sit there and Volley for 20 minutes with another unit and lose a grand total of 5 men on either side.  If both groups had 50 men you would lose 25 in the 1st volley on both sides, then 12 on the 2nd and so on.

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