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 Posted: Fri Jul 30th, 2010 04:05 pm
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Im sorry folks, but i feel compassion for people who are lets please stop with the dramatics..:)

I have a friend and a family member who are both crippled and confined to wheel chairs.....and when stories like this come up.....they both get pissed. Im sick of it and so are they. My friend is a huge CW buff and enjoys going to Gettysburg with me. And we get to see alot.......But he also realized that he has his limits and that's the fact. He doesn't want to see this church closed because 1 or 2 cant.

I told him about this post and what the responses were,  he said, I'm paraphrasing...

"If were gonna go down this road we might as well close the PA monument since I cant climb to the top, we might as well close the that monument on LRT since I cant climb it, close both observation towers since I cant climb them, allow no one to cross Pickett's Charge fields since there are no handicap paths going to the other side, close down any restaurant that i cant get my wheelchair in, any souvenir store that has no wheelchair access must be closed since i cant get in, and any store that i can get in that has a second story with stuff must be closed since i cant climb the steps, Its embarrassing for me when stories like this come up. And I agree with Marty, it PC gone wild......again.

That was his words people not mine. And I agree with him 100%. I for one have a very bad back with a half a disc in my lower spine. There are lots of things i cant do do to my condition. I love roller coasters, but you dont see me trying to shut down amusement parks because I cant go on the rides. I feel bad for those people who are handicapped, but Im not about to support the closing of anything just because a few cant do it. Why should we all be denied. We shouldn't.


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