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 Posted: Sun Aug 1st, 2010 04:32 pm
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Hello barrydancer, how are you.
Got it.  Private businessman.  If he doesn't want to provide handicap access, government doesn't have the right to require him to do so.  The handicapped who want to shop or visit the establishment should just get over it. 

Yes. Just like I have to get over it when it comes to things I liked to do, but cant now because of my condition. Its a private business. What give us the right to tell him what to do with his or her business. We have no right. If we dont like it, we have right to not shop there.
How about, I dunno, sprinkler systems or fire exits?  Does the state or local government have a right to mandate those, or as a private businessman can he set up shop in a plywood shanty and force people to work and shop in unsafe conditions? 

Now that is a different egg in the basket. That has to do with safety. Having a handicap ramp is not about safety. Two different topics. 

How about if he doesn't want to serve black people, or women?  Can the government force the issue or does the private businessman get to serve only who he wants?


Unfortunately, he would have that right........I dont like it, but he would have that right. As a matter of fact it being done now. I remember reading a news article about a black couple who owes a business and they are refusing to sell or buy from whites. After the story broke, whites in the area started doing the same was not a pretty picture.

Me personally, I think it ridiculous to do that, but if you own the business, then you have the right to do so. Now matter how much you and I might hate it.

 Does a private business that caters to the public get to pick and choose which members of the public it serves?  I would argue it doesn't.


I believe it does. They forked out the money to build their business and therefore they should have the right to run it as they see fit....and if we the people dont like their business practices, then we have the right to not shop there with our money.

Look..... if the church has safety hazards, fine......they need to be addressed. But handicap access is not a safety hazard.

Hope all is well



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