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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 03:15 am
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The key would be exactly to whom Sherman was speaking when he stated his opinion of Kilpatrick. Was he speaking to one of his staff or to another general or did he write it in a communication with Grant or Halleck?

If he was speaking to one of his staff or another general, that person may have written it in his own memoirs or in a letter to his family or his wife. So to narrow down the source of this quote, find out to whom the statement was made, and then trace how the quote was a letter, diary or memoir or was it passed on by word of mouth from one person to another? 

One of the best books on Sherman in Georgia that I have read is Albert E. Castel's "Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign." I'm almost certain that quote is in that book. Castel was very thorough in his research, so you might find a source for the quote there in the back of the book. I have the book, but it is hard to dig it out of my disorganized collection of Civil War books.  


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