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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2010 07:13 am
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Well it's not savory or sweet but of late I have started cooking lime home fries. Four or five medium potatoes (a little more if their small a little less if their large) and place them in the microwave for about four minutes. This is just to speed up the cooking time, you don't want them to be done when they come out but just started cooking. Cube them and then fry them in butter, about a quarter to a third of a stick. Add salt and pepper to personal tastes (usually I just add a dusting over the top of the whole pan) then stir this in. Take and add the juice of half a lime, a little better I think if you juice it right over the cooking potatoes. And get as much juice out of that half as you can, if a little of the meat of the lime falls in so much the better. Keep flipping/stirring the potatoes until they just start turning a golden brown then add four to six chives, finely chopped and stir them in. Let it cook until golden brown, flipping/stiring, and serve hot.

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