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 Posted: Wed Aug 25th, 2010 06:58 am
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It seems that even if we eliminate the movies and TV series that is still going to be what happens unless you can get more people interested in the subject. And just saying the written word is the only answer doesn't seem to be the answer. I've seen plenty of folks who say their not interested in history because it's boring. Then some of these same folks turn right around and want to know everything there is about the Titanic or the Spartans or Pearl Harbor because of movies. Usually you can tell which ones believe the movies to be true because they quickly loose interest in the subject matter when they find a lot of what they believe from the movies is false. But there are others who become more interested when they learn this to be the case. They suddenly want to know the real history behind the movies. But otherwise they think history is boring.

It's my opinion we can't simply dismiss movies and TV shows depicting historical events just because Hollywood fictionalizes them. Anything that can start getting people interested in history can be a useful tool. Otherwise we are just dooming the future by saying there is only one way to teach history. There can't be just one way. Had it been just about books then I'd never have been interested in the subject as a kid. My interest came from the fact that my family tended to visit historic places when I was a kid. It was being in these places where history had occured, seeing the sights that garnered my attnetion. I have little doubt that there have been others for whom it has been movies that caused the same thing to happen. Caused a willingness to go beyond what's seen or encountered and learn even more.

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