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Hellcat wrote: I didn't say I bvelieved that was the case, just that it would be interesting to find out that happened. Though it would be more interesting to hear what's in the publication beyond just working from memory.


This post from another forum detals the article and authors. I cannot find my copy.


In an article entitled “ The Return of the War Department Captured Flags to the States, 1905-1906” published in the Winter 2008 edition of Military Collector & Historian author Charles M. Nussbaum suggests otherwise. On page 261, he writes.”Many of the US flags that were captured by Confederate forces were forwarded to the Confederate War Department located in Mechanics Hall in Richmond. Sadly, these flags were destroyed when the building was burned in the evacuation of Richmond on April 3, 1865

“There is no credible source or inventory that indicates the number of flags destroyed. At least 237 U.S. flags were recaptured from Confederate units in the field and were eventually returned to the applicable states by the United States War Department or to West Point.” (emphasis mine)

Mr Nusbaum further states that …..”22 Confederate flags had been given to capturing units or loaned to individuals or units and not returned” (emphasis added)... These loans were made by the US war department, by the Secretary of War or by Joint Resolution of Congress during the period 1862-1886.

The flags in the Minnesota collection are the legitimate trophies of war and the legal property of the State of Minnesota. The record however does suggest that many federal flags perished in a fire, were returned to the original units, or reside at West Point, not are stashed in somebody’s basement. Finally, the record seems to suggest that in some instances, Confederate flags were indeed, stashed in somebody’s basement.

A copy of the above article was provided to me by the IllinoisMilitaryMuseum

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