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 Posted: Fri Oct 1st, 2010 12:33 am
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Tim, I think you are correct: the Eagles franchise will love Vick as long as he wins games and makes money for them. I suppose this is why they brought him on the team.

I myself, though I am an Eagles fan, don't feel the true measure of a man can be taken by how many yards he gains or touchdown passes he completes. I don't think Michael's true measure is as a football player but as what he does, honestly and without fanfare, off the field. And I'm not too impressed with that aspect of Michael Vick, yet.

I heard a local talk show DJ this morning saying he expects McNabb to get a really good response from the Philly fans. I think Donovan McNabb was well-liked by the fans here, and I don't know how mad they will actually be if the Eagles lose the game Sunday.

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