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 Posted: Tue Oct 5th, 2010 06:06 am
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Well it's that time of the year, and one of my favorite times too. Like I said in the what's you favorite part thread, there's too much for me to narrow things down to just one item. One of them being ghost stories. So since it is October, I thought I'd try making a thread for Halloween and folks could share some ghost stories that are related to the war. They can be from things you've read, things you've seen, things you've heard from others, or even your own experince.

For my part I'd like to start off with an old NC legend. When I was a kid we used to move a lot as my dad's job changed often, and one of the places we lived was NC. Our first family vaction was to the Outer Banks and one of my sisters picked up the book North Carolina Legends as a souviner. One of the stories in it is called The Evil Hunter of Purgatory Mountain and it's this one I'd like to share at this time.

The story goes that Quakers had settled in Radolph County and when the war broke out they wanted no part in the Confederate Army. In 1864, with the Confederacy in need of soldiers, a recruiter known simply as the Hunter was sent to the area to round up new recruits. Any recruits he could get his hands on, whether they were willing or not. So the Hunter rounded up twenty-one healthy young Quaker boys, 14 and under, tied thm up and took them to Willmington. In Willmington the boys managed to escape and returned home only to find the man still there. Fearing capture, the boys hid out on Purgatory Mountain where they observed the habits of the evil Hunter. Even though they were Quakers, they knew this man had to be eliminated, so three of the older boys were selected for the task. They killed him one morning as he was checking his fishing traps on Richland Creek. Following that day none spoke the names of the three selected to kill the man and as they grew up they all steered clear of the mountain as the ghost of the Hunter haunted Purgatory Mountain searching for his killers. According to the story he's still there.

No idea how true the story is, it is after all a legend. The North Carolina Zoo is located atop Purgatory Mountain and I visited it several times while we lived there. Never once did I experince anything of a supernatural nature there. But maybe the Hunter haunts a different part of the mountain.

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