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 Posted: Thu Oct 28th, 2010 03:19 am
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This next one also comes from Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War and deals with a location established after the war. Creston, Iowa was established in 1868 as as a survey camp for workers of the B&M railroad. Following the both the war and the founding to the town many settlers from back east came to settle in some of the newer districts on the east side of town. Because so many in this part of town were Democrats, who during the war the Republicans had labeled as being either disloyal or as having secessionist views, or both, this part of Creston jokingly came to be called Confederate Hill. Another reason for the name appears to have come from the number of people from the South who settled there, some of whom may have been Confederate veterans.

The story goes that a citizen from the Republican part of town known as Mr. Jones was walking home one evening and as he was passing by Confederate Hill he heard a voice shout "Halt! Who goes there?" Mr. Jones was then confronted with an apparition dressed in a rotting butternut uniform, the figure smelling of decay and mold and being more skeletal than flesh. It carried a rusted musket, which it pointed at Jones and cocked. Mr. Jones shouted for the aparition not to fire at which point it let out a mocking laugh before vanishing.

Jones ran back to the Summit House, a popular watering hole for the men of Creston, where he told everyone what he'd just seen. Natrualy folks thought he'd drunk a wee bit too much (and he probably had) and mocked him for his story. Undoubtedly quite a few must have called him coward and yellow-bellied because he challenged all present to return to the spot with him. Well seeing a chance to humilate their friend a bit more, the men at the saloon followed him back to the hill, hiding in a ravine near where he had seen the phantom. By now the moon had risen, better illuminating the seen. And in it's glow the men saw the apparition Mr. Jones had described, an aparition clearly on sentry duty as it paced back and forth at a distance of fifty yards.

Now nervous, and sobered by the sight, the men crept forward until they were within a hundred feet of the phantom. At which point it challenged them as it had Mr. Jones. One of the men responded that they were friends of the Cause. All agreed that at this point the spectre let out a demented laugh, but what t said next they couldn't agree on. Some said it asked "What Cause?" while others inststed it hysterically laughed that the Cause was lost. Either way all agreed that when it finished speaking it let out the Rebel yell before slowly vanishing from sight.

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