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 Posted: Sun Oct 31st, 2010 05:53 am
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Well here it's after 12 AM on October 31st as I type this. Halloween. So things are winding doing and I'll soon stop posting more of these stories. For those who are getting annoyed with my posting them, I appologize and ask you to be patient with me. For anyone else, I hope you'll have enjoyed reading these. I'll post a few more before the clock strikes midnight again and then that's it for this year, probably for quite a while to come as I've not got very many sources. I'd hoped others would have had some to share, but I'm not going to complain as folks seem to have been patient with me to this point.

This one comes from Strange Tales of the Civil War. Mr Sanders tells us of the wife of Sergeant Charles Stevenson of Company G, 108th NY Infantry. The 108th NY Infantry had been mustered in in August 1862 when Sergeant Stevenson was 23. Their first action was at Antietam.

At some time on December 13th Mrs. Stevenson was working in her yard back home in Henrietta, NY. Being the late fall, it could well have been she was bringing firewood or shoveling a walk way. But as she worked she felt a presnce behind her. She turned to see who it was, feeling a warm breath on her cheek as she did so, and to her surprise saw her husband standing there. Surprised, and possibly delighted, she called out his name. Asking if it really was him. But before her eyes the image vanished. For Sergeant Stevenson had been among those to perish in front of the stonewall at Fredericksburg.

Checking the 108th NY's Roster (page 128 of this PDF, Sergeant Stevenson did indeed die at Fredericksburg. So was this a case of a last goodbye to one held so dear?

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