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 Posted: Sun Oct 31st, 2010 11:14 am
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From Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War  and Strange Tales of the Civil War comes this next story. Anyone studying Lincoln during the war is bound to come across the stories of Lincoln having dreams of his own death at the hands of an assassin. They may also come across storyies of a bizarre incident Lincoln had following his first election.

As Lincoln had told a reporter, the excitment of the election had left Lincoln exhausted and he retired to his home to rest. Across from the lounge chair in his chambers where he had seated himself was a bureau with a swinging mirror attached. Glancing into the mirror he saw himself reflected nearly full length. But his face, there seemed to be two images of his face . Each staring into the other.

Bothered, he got up to examine the reflection. But in doing so the bizarre reflection vanished. Taking his seat agin, the image returned, this time more distinct. One of the images was paler than the other. According to Lincoln, it was perhaps five shades paler. Again he got up to examine it and again the reflection faded. Believing it was merely the excitment of the election getting to him, Lincoln paid it little heed.

But the image stayed with him, and a few days later he tried experimenting with it. Once again the double image appear. One appearing his normal, healthy self. And the other as if of the grave. He told Mary Todd of the image, in fact he tried to tell her. Though he made light of the double image, it more frightened her. Mary Todd Lincoln said the image predicted he would be elected to a second term but would die before he left office.

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