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 Posted: Fri Nov 12th, 2010 05:31 pm
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i am new to the group. I have recently found a reference to my ancestor, James Thaddeus Cearnal as serving at Ft. Riley 1855-1860.  He was recruited by Capt James T. Coffee of Greenfield, Mo. and apparently served his 5 years.  In 1861 he joined the Missouri State Guard as a drill master and served as Lt. Col. of Cavalry under Gen. Sterling Price.  He was commissioned by the Confederate Congress twice the second apparently after being wounded at Pea Ridge.  I can trace him through ORWR to November 20, 1864.  He did not return to Missouri following the War and there is anecdotal evidence he may have accompanied Shelby, Price etc. to Mexico.  Can anyone suggest a means of identifying his service at Ft. Riley and his presence in Mexico?  I have searched for this very elusive man for many years and would like to determine his date of death and burial.  


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