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 Posted: Fri Nov 12th, 2010 07:33 pm
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  After poking around a bit on the Internet, the whereabouts of James Thaddeus Cearnal does not just jump out at me.

  Apparently, he married one Mary Angeline McMillen around 1851. Apparently, she survived until October of 1914, and her obituary is published in the Dade County ADVOCATE. If you can find a copy of that newspaper, it might well tell you what happened to her husband after the war. You must be Amanda Sefton, so this possible source is already known to you.

  There must be a way to secure a copy of this obituary. This paper apparently published under one name or another until at least 1981.

About this Newspaper: Dade County advocate. - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress

  Perhaps the State Historical Society can help:

Dade County Newspapers - The State Historical Society of Missouri

  Or perhaps the Dade County Historical Society:

Dade County Mo. Historical Society - Home

  It is possible that Colonel Cearnal accompanied Shelby and Price to Mexico and became a resident in a Confederate colony, perhaps Carlota. Perhaps he is mentioned in one of the several publications about the Confederates in Mexico. Here is one:

  And a bit of background:

Trivia on Civil War History: Confederate Descendants in Mexico Part 2 | Trivia Library

  I haven't been able to learn where or when he died, but here is the gravesite of, I think, a relative- perhaps his son.

James R Cearnal (1854 - 1935) - Find A Grave Memorial

  Perhaps the person who put this gravesite on the website knows more about him.

  Assuming that he went to Mexico, its possible that Colonel Cearnal was able to return to the US. Apparently he didn't come back to Missouri, and if this is true, it lessens the possibility that he came back at all. There are death, property, and Census records that might help verify if he ever rejoined his wife Mary. If by chance he did return, he might have applied for a pension. Many of those who returned settled in Texas.

  I am afraid that at this time, I can't answer the questions you are asking about what happened to Colonel Cearnal after 1864. I think that Dade County is the place to start looking. The widow's obituary might give you the answers, if you can find it. Good luck with your search.

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