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 Posted: Mon Dec 13th, 2010 11:52 pm
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I know we'll never agree on this, but debate is fun.

Who said they have forgiven Stallworth and Lewis? Certainly not me. To this day I refer to Lewis' team as the Baltimore Felons. They just weren't the topic of this thread.

What we did for Vick by locking him up for two years was to save his legs, ensuring that he has a longer NFL carreer at $20-30 million a year after this season. Talk about making money off this tragedy!

As for his oh so humanatarian speeches - they're a requirement of his probation.

Let me know when someone hangs the bastard from a tree by his genatalia, beats him while he's hanging there, and then cuts the rope so he falls into a pond and drowns. After all, it was good enough for his "pets". Cheers!

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