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 Posted: Sat Dec 18th, 2010 02:01 am
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CameronsHighlander wrote: I think they are overreacting to the Casino.  Prostitution is not legal in Pennsylvania so that wont be a problem, besides that goes on in just about every city and you cannot stop it. Right now Gettysburg is facing the changeing times the town is suffering from a bad economy. People don't really go on extended vacations but over the next 5 years is the 150th annaversery of the Civil War and Gettyburg will be a huge point for people to see but Unless something draws them in then Gettysburg will become nothing more then a dot on the map with a College and a few monuments. Besides if/when it gets built I can go to Gettysburg and lose 20$ playing a Pickets charge based Video slot machine.
I also think so.

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