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 Posted: Fri Jan 7th, 2011 02:29 am
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Albert Sailhorst

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We got 2 laptops for me, my wife & son to use....Plus, got internet connection! So, I can keep up a little better with CWI!!!

I also just recieved some CW books that I ordered from Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller ( I got 5 books, with shipping, for under $20!!!).

My wife got me a "Mix a Six" six pack of imported beers and a really cool Day-by-Day Civil War desk calendar. My Dad got me a CD from the Prairie County Avengers of Gospel songs from the War of Southern Independance ( which I Love)!!)

A few years ago, my Dad got us the George Foreman indoor family grill (it is big enough that it has a stand!!) and I LOVE it!!!

Javal, we wish you the best and you're in our prayers!!!

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