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 Posted: Fri Feb 11th, 2011 04:13 am
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I know that this will open terrible controversy, and I hope that the discussion is civil. By no means do I intend disrespect to anyone......However, I am tired of various groups singling out Nathan Bedford Forrest. It appears that some groups lay at his feet the entire blame for fostering hatred and racism. Personally, I feel he has been singled out as much, or more, as Hery Wirtz was singled out and bore the guilt all alone.....

In any event, here is ny opinion:

The NAACP hates Forrest…….He was “Grand Wizard” of an organization that evolved into one that espouses hate, but, he left when it became violent, condeming it as he left……

If the NAACP and other revisionists want to crucify Forrest, and quite possibly, other Confederat leaders, please re-read your history and accept the fact that slavery existed longer under the American flag than it ever did under the Confederate States flag……

Personally, I think the NAACP should capitalize on the fact, and be proud of the fact, that black people helped build this nation in an enourmous way before the Civil War, instead of crying about being slaves; as slaves assisted in building this country as much as the Chineese, Irish, Germans, etc.

If they did this with pride instead of spewing hate and fostering a division between white and black people, I should think they'd get more respect instead of furthering race-relations.....No, it's easier for them to point the finger at Southerners than it is to be proud of building a nation......

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