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 Posted: Sun Mar 27th, 2011 06:49 pm
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Since we opened the new News Site we've been quite busy. We updated the Best of the Blogs section, we added our Articles section, inserted a site search on the front page, and changed the Discussion Board theme. Today we added two more new features.

Those who have been around for years may remember our online
Civil War Jigsaw Puzzles. Well, they're back here. As their intro says:

 "Welcome to our Jigsaw Puzzle lounge. Best thing about them - the cats can't jump on them and ruin all your work. When each puzzle opens it will look rather simple to medium in difficulty, which is fine when you just want to pass the time. Just grab the pieces with the left mouse button, move then around and when you get two that fit, you'll hear a satisfying click.

   However you silly people, we make nothing that easy. Think you're good? Look to the left of the pieces for the link that says "Change Cut". If you're so good, change it to, oh let's say 87 piece classic before you start. Looks a little harder now doesn't it. You one of those who's best at everything - try 184 piece crazy. Don't want to talk to your spouse for three days - try the 247 piece triangles. So have a ball - just remember your computer MUST have Java to play."

We also have revived our
Civil War Gift Shop. In the shop you can find thousands of Civil War books in all genres, plus CW games, art, DVD's, music, etc. Every purchase you make from the shop helps CWi since we get a few cents (you pay no extra). Plus, and this is important, if you're looking for anything non-Civil War related, from electronics to furniture, just go to the CWi store and click the little Amazon logo you'll see below the search box. That'll take you to Amazon itself, and we'll still get credit for anything you buy.

So go play with the puzzles, then buy some stuff in the store. I'm going back to work. Thanks folks.

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