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 Posted: Mon Apr 25th, 2011 01:33 pm
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That sounds like a great trip Captain! For me on a personal level my best battle field trip was last June to Gettysburg. My wife and I tool our son's kids (2), my daughter and her husband and 2 kids to the friends annual work day. On Friday we went to the museaum/cyclorama and picked up a jr ranger book for the kids. It had a scavenger hunt at the museaum and other fill in the blank and drawing related activities which were a good match for the age span (13-7) that we had. We got one book and everyone worked on the items that were age appropriate to them.   Grandma had also made a battle field scavenger hunt list so we went to the field. I did not want overpower the kids with what grandpa wanted to do so we used the tape tour to get started. We had dog biskits for the kids to leave for the dogs on momuments, climbed all the towers, and ended the day on  top of the Pa monument with a narative from Grandpa on the field from that view. With the tree cutting that has been done it was great. Saturday we scraped and painted fence with the friends.  Sunday after church at the civil war chapel we did the down town shopping thing thing went to the diorama (we got free admission because of where we camped).  The kids really enjoyed it because they understood the geography from the view from the Pa monument.  Then I asked if anyone wanted to go back to the field, and was pleasently suprised when they wanted more detail of the first and last days fighting. So we went to Oak Hill (tower again) and the life size mural near the brick yard, The kids all have pictures of their heroic defense and death at the fence. Then back to Picket's charge and another tower.Then Monday it was on to Washington D.C.   and Ford's Theater, Arlington, bus tour, foot tour and Sleep. Our last day we went to Hersey Park and rode bumper cars 10 times straight! The lines were short and everyone seemed to enjoy crashing into me. I must not have burned them out as the oldest and youngest already want to go again. Sorry to be long winded, but for me this was my best trip.              

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