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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2011 07:11 pm
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I think too much of today's opinion of Genrl. Hood, in relation to the November 1864 campaign, comes primarily (and perhaps solely)from Wiley Sword; or from an opinion posted in a forum like this, where the poster's opinion was formed primarily (or perhaps solely) on Wiley Sword, which further disseminates that opinion.
(Not to discount the value of Mr. Sword's book, it is well written, and an enjoyable read; his layout of the facts and the developments from Spring Hill to Nashville are accurate, and some descriptive passages are excellent. But he obviously had a "negative agenda" towards John Bell Hood, in personal terms, which colored the account in hues not necessarily supported by other sources)

aside: I checked in here to post a very specific question for the forum members on Spring Hill, and was pleased to find a current discussion of General Hood. I will post my topic in another thread, once I have searched through past threads here, in case my question has already been discussed, and add my post there.

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