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 Posted: Tue May 3rd, 2011 09:15 pm
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Regulator wrote: There seems to be a distict bias toward the Union side in the daily facts presented on the This Day in the Civil War page.  Virtually every entry pertains to a Union related item.  When a Confederate related item is posted, it more often than not, is wrtten with a sarcastic or dismissive tone.  You do know there was another side to the war don't you?  How about a little more fair coverage?   

You have to realize that we are living under the victor's regime, and therefore they are going to suppress all dissension just like they did during the war itself, in order to make darn sure that no one gets wise to the obvious.

And so they have the perfect run-around to defend it against all questions:  during the war, they claimed that all dissent was "sedition--" and then after the war, they claim "the war settled it!"
(I know, I'm also like ???:shock:???) 

So you can see, it's a nifty little bureaucratic Catch-22 where it's "heads they win, tails you lose."

And now, they'll continue the wild goose-chase to continue the suppression-- just like the Germans did after WWII to deny the holocaust.  Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, friend.. and as for Lincoln, e'gypped every US citizen out of their basic right of self-government, leaving us with only the "paper or plastic?" choice of being ruled by a Republican vs. a Democrat.... but somehow that's "government of, by and for the people."

That's how seriously that people are hoodwinked about American history by the regime, in order to keep itself in power. In reality, I actually prefer the Divine Right of Kings, to this faux democracy; at least it was honest tyranny.

And it continues, as the war-era's descendants like wise continue this denial by suppression and censorship, with every Civil War board running a biased propaganda-machine for the Union; and if anyone utters a word of objectivity, they get called names and banned-- not always in that order, being accused  of being a Confederate sympathizer and "pro-slavery" etc. (even though technically it's the Unionists who are pro-slavery, by taking away the autonomy of state citizens, as well as imposing military conscription etc; for instance federal law requires every man to register for the draft, but they didn't need to before the war; but of course they have another bureaucratic cover-up for this as well, by calling it a "civic duty," even though NO ONE AGREED TO IT! ).

And so we see how the suppression is perpetuated by idoleologues who are so mixed up by these catch-22's that they can't even think straight, since it makes them feel superior (which is why Lenin referred to them as "useful idiots" since they'd sell you the rope to hang them with). But it's how bureaucratic tyranny works... welcome to Leviathan.

DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely NO ties to the South, or any love of slavery, any motive to lie, or "agitate" by telling such. I am not a "troll," as they will no doubt accuse me of in knee-jerk defense of their statist propaganda, in a classic act of the pot accusing the kettle of being black. On the contrary, I only want the truth: for it sets you free, and you can't be free without it; meanwhile it's my detractors who are intellectually dishonest and want to control people,  since they feel threatened by other people's freedom; and so the truth "busts their bubbles" and thus cramps their style.

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