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Sickles was probably elevated to the rank of MG so history would have precedent in claiming that all which reaches the top is not always cream. Represented in his murder trial by Edwin Stanton, later Sec of War, and James Brady. Brady, like Sickles emerged from Tammany Hall. His defense has been recounted already.

After acquital he forgave his wife, impregnated her and when sent to England, before the war, instead of taking his wife he took a noted Prostitute (he and Gn'l Hooker were close, legend has it that Hooker's became such because Fightin' Joe liked his girls, first called Hooker Girls by the soldiers then the "Girls" was dropped by the soldiers & Hookers was what stuck, so to speak) the Hooker accompanied Sickles to England and when he was presented to the Queen he introduced this paragoness of virtue to Ol' Queen Vic as Mrs. Sickles. Amazing Grace!

When war came he was looking to redeam his good name, what was there to so redeam methinks, and raised 4 regiments from NY becoming Col. of one of them. He got his brigadier of volunteers Star in Sept 1862.

Don't recall when Ol' Dan became a Major General. His ill fated movement on July 2 at Gettysburg definately caused many casualties on both sides. The "Confederate Victory" at the end of the day netted very little strategically and had III Corp protected Little Round Top and the Union Left and just gave Longstreet the Rose Farm and Devils Den many lives would have been spared, Col Cross among them. The miracle of day 2 is that Hood, knowing that the Federal trains were behind Round Top, didn't disobey orders and capture them. Wouldn't have been the first time. Could he have then held them, doubtful as Sykes and V Corp would probably have kept that puddin' from rising!

I do not think Sickles was mentally incompetant, I prefer the word Fool along with corruption personified!

Michael Bragg

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