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 Posted: Wed May 4th, 2011 06:04 pm
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Forgot to address the death of his son. In the mid Victorian era death had not the devestating affect on people that it now does. Drew Gilpin Faust addressed this and much more in her best selling "This Republic of Suffering" sub-titled "Death and the American Civil War; Vintage ISBN #978-0-375-70383.

Also, from experience, were Sherman bi-Polar he would have been so for so long that he would have known he had "the crazies" as he himself put it, and would have known how to shake it off in less time than 6 weeks. When Bi-Polar it's the sudden unexpected things that set one back on his heels, so to speak. An airplane said to be on time, causing me to rush to catch it, then actually  arriving late, causing me to "cool my heels" waiting used to give me fits!

I have another premise about Hooker that is thought provoking, but that will have to be for later, I must get back to work... being the handmaiden to fact checking, without staff is humbling to say the least!

Michael Bragg


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