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 Posted: Sat May 7th, 2011 10:11 pm
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They'd age Teresa Sickles to eighteen or her early twenties when they got married for the movie. The way things are today seems no way Hollywood would depict a fifteen year old marrying somene literally more than twice her age. As scandalous as it may have been back then I'd dare say it was still far more accepted than it is today. Even if you did say they were married for three or more years before they had sex (and considering their daughter was born about seven months after they got married we no that never happened) there'd still be folks leaving the theater who knew nothing about what actually happened saying they had to have been having sex since they got married.

Of course given the politican sex scandals of today a Sickles movie would fit into the modern world rather well. Politician known for cavorting with a prostitute, even taking her to England while his wife was pregnant. Most likely had sex with his wife before they were even married (unless Laura was born two months premature and miracuously managed to survive at that time you've got to know Teresa was pregnant when they got married). Wife having an affair with another man. Politician kills the man wife's having an affair with. Politician later, much later, goes on to have an affair with a former Queen of Spain. And who knows how many other affairs he had. Would be a made for Hollywood movie.

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