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 Posted: Tue May 10th, 2011 03:08 am
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All the juicy details? What, are we talking a possible movie or sitting around a table trading gossip? A mini-series would work if it were a good old fashioned mini-series. By which I mean it's something that requires a minimum of three days to air, not this two days nonsense they use so often today as a mini-series. They still make the old fashioned style miniseries, but I get tired of hearing so often about the mini-series event of the ear and it ends up being just a two night event.

But I think you'd get more folks watching it if it's on the big screen. If you want to get more of the scandals involved, then maybe a trilogy using the old fashioned intermission style movies. Have each half be like two or two and a half hours long and then a ten to fifteen minute intermission. It's been said they don't do movies like that anymore cause their too long for folks to sit through. Personally it's more about cost. Not the cost to make the movie, the cost for the theaters to show it. The run a two, two and a half hour movie something like three or four times a night and can make a lot more money. They don't want movies with intermissions cause they can't jack up the ticket prices and hope to get people actually paying for them. But with how folks like political scandals these days, I wouldn't be terribly suprised if they made it an intermission style movie and they had folks going to watch as long as they kept the normal prices.

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