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 Posted: Tue May 24th, 2011 03:23 pm
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The Friends of Ft. Defiance in Clarksville, Tennessee will hold a memorial service for the Civil War soldiers and veterans buried in Clarksville's Riverview Cemetery at 635 N. Spring Street, on Saturday May 28th beginning at 10:00 AM.

There are approximately 180 Confederate soldiers and veterans of the Civil War buried there, with 127 of them lying in a single mass grave. Those in the mass grave are casualties from the fight for Fort Donelson in 1862. These 127 were re-interred in 1879 after a landslide exposed their remains in their original place of burial. 180 others still lie in that original burial place, currently beneath the Confederate Soldier's Memorial Bridge in Clarksville. These casualties consist of men from 7 states and represent 42 regiments.

The remaining 53 Civil War soldier and veteran graves in Riverview Cemetery are mostly those of local men who fought on many of the major battlefields of the war. Those interred here include men who were casualties at Fredericksburg, Chickamauga, Gettysburg, Sharpsburg, Franklin, and Petersburg as well as victims of Camp Douglas.

Mark Britton

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