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All but the "devout" used profanity to get their point across in the CW... even occasionally the devout would use profamity in a left handed manner. I forget which battle and can't take time to research cuz have been incarcerated in Hospital so "gotta get back in the traces"; one of the Generals Smith was leading the first wave of a charge and shouted "Give 'em hell boys", Bishop Polk led next wave and waved his sword and shouted; "Give 'em what Smith said boys!"

Without doubt Hancock's use of the profance along with his physical presence combined to make him the one that I would be most the uncomfortable if I came under his "cuss". (Anyone know where Hancock got the starched white shirts every day, damfino!) General Humphries of III Corps agreed, although adept at "the cuss" himself he said he had come under Hancock's once and did not wish to so do so again". I simply cannot get my mind around Hancock getting wouneded, where he was wounded and saying; "Gosh Gibbon, I've been shot". I am not an overtly profane man, especially when in the company of children or "wimmen" but when I was "chot" I most certainly did not say "Gosh"... not even close.

Ambrose Bierce could have melted a man into his shoes and never used a word unfit for use in a Church. It was a little off putting to read Corgi's statement that any troops that turned their backs to the enemy would not be allowed to be buried in a Catholic Cemetery (words to that affect). I'd rather be soundly "cussed" than to have a man presume to tell me what God says or wants; I read and comprehend very well... Usually the Seventh dayers begin to look at their watches after we talk for 10 minutes or so. Read that one every day, in context.

Hava Civil War day, I will!

Michael Bragg

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